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The Importance of In-Person Training


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One of the biggest highlights of my year so far was when fellow Gripster Ali Imsirovic came to train with me for a week. During this time, I introduced Ali to floating, a few breathing techniques, some next level nutrition, and we taught each other about poker, since we both bring our own unique assets to the tables. But the beauty of this experience wasn't what we learned: it was the quality time we got to share and connect on a way that's simply not possible online.

And it was this experience that inspired me to offer in-person training. 

Most of you know me as a poker player and YouTube host. Not only am I a consistently winning player who has dominated the tables at the WSOP and amassed over $1 million dollars in winnings (not to mention the pretty epic accomplishment of staying out of the red), but I’ve collaborated in poker books and written my own. 

But there’s much more to me than that. Just like there’s much more to all of us than what we openly project. Over the years, I’ve also developed and refined my skills off the tables. I’m a certified Holistic Life Coach, Yin Yoga instructor and I’ve received certification as in Thai Massage - among other qualifications. 

It’s my experiences off the felt that make me so much more effective as a instructor.

There is something to be said about the level of personal interaction in a message on a forum, versus a message on Facebook, versus a text message, versus a phone call, versus a Skype call versus actually getting to be in the presence of another human being. There are dimensions that come into play when we're actually in the presence of another, and there’s some real magic that can happen in this space.

The power of presence is an element I’d really like to bring to the table. The beauty of this sort of training is that we get to benefit on so many levels: not just the usual intellectual level we go for online, but on a social level as well, on an emotional level. We get the whole human experience really.

It all starts spring 2017.

By this time, I’ll have the facilities ready to offer you the best in-person poker training and life coaching possible. While we are all here for our own reasons, we can always benefit from the guidance of others, so if I can be of service to you, know that I am making myself available.

So, do you think you’re ready to take your game and your life to the next level? Find out.