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Is 1-on-1 Coaching Right for You?


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While it is indisputable that everyone can benefit from professional guidance, an equal and opposing truth is that not everyone is ready to be helped.  Often, you have to reach a point of being so tired of spinning your wheels that you’re willing to seek out assistance to move forward.  I’m not talking about being totally dejected, or hitting that proverbial rock-bottom – though there’s that too – but the desire to make changes can also come from something as banal as pure boredom. 

If you’re experiencing any of these feelings, then one-on-one coaching with me may be for you. And my coaching programs go beyond your performance at the tables and show you how the way you live affects the way you play. We then take steps to modify your course so you can reach your goals. 

Over a decade of experience as a professional, consistently winning poker player combined with years of experience as a certified Holistic Life Coach and Yin Yoga instructor has given me a killer, enlightened and strategic edge in the game, and in life. 

We are a product of our environment. If our environment is suffering then it’s hard for us not to suffer as well. If, however, our day-to-day environment is filled with love and happiness, then naturally our default is to be filled with love and happiness. We would have to work hard to be unhappy. This is why where we live, the thoughts we think, and the people we interact with on a regular basis are so important. If any of those things are hurting and suffering, then it’s likely that we’ll be hurt and suffering as well. 

But if you’re ready to make changes, my one-on-one training sessions can help.

Here’s what I promise you:

I’ll help you identify the best next step to take, and help you find the motivation to follow through on taking that step so that you can open up a new level of experience in your life.

But I also must be clear on what I cannot do through these private sessions:

  • I cannot fix you or make all your problems go away. That’s your part of the agreement.
  • I do not offer software tutorials. (However, we have many links to great videos on that.)
  • I do not offer PokerTracker database analysis. (I don’t believe that numbers and statistics reflect the whole picture of the player, or that there is only one true what to play it properly.)
  • I am not a therapist for those who are looking to dump their emotions but not take any action or personal responsibility. Yes, I want to get to know you, and I want to learn what your challenges and struggles are, but it takes two to tango and I need you to be ready to take some steps.

I will work WITH you if you will work with me.

I will not work FOR you if you don’t intend to do your share.

I can only show you the path; I cannot walk it for you.

My greatest reward in coaching comes from seeing the progress that clients make between sessions. It’s what keeps me motivated to continue to do what I do.

Interested in learning more about sessions? Then contact me and we'll set up some coaching sessions together.