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Learning to win more on the tables begins with you winning off the tables - by having a healthy lifestyle and mental game. Here at Gripsed Poker Training, we’re dedicated to seeing you become the best person you can be, and consequently, the best poker player you can be. Learn from Evan Jarvis and his team of poker pros. We’ll teach you the strategies and winning techniques of professional poker players, and we’ll teach you how to perform at your peak level every time you play. Don’t let the game beat you down, take control now and you will see fantastic results!

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I’ve been playing poker for 10 years and my philosophy is ‘If you want to be the best, you have to study the best’. That’s why I’ve sought out training from such great players as Greg Merson, Anthony Gregg, Griffin Benger, Simon Charette & more. I also learned that strategy alone isn’t enough, that’s why I’ve sought out professional athletic and mindset trainers to help increase my performance. With this knowledge I’ve created the most comprehensive poker strategy and lifestyle improving program that will change the way you win at poker. With the help of my team I will help you master your game, while maintaining a healthy way of life, so that everyday is a winning day. read more about me & my winnings

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New to poker? Do you have a friend or spouse who loves poker and you’d like to be able to connect with them better? If your experience with poker is that one time you played for jelly beans at Grandmas place, look no further. Our beginner content will teach you the basics and guide you to becoming a better poker player - whether your interest is serious or casual.



Do you enjoy watching your favorite player battle it out on TV? Wish that you could move up from your regular home game to playing for big bucks and living the dream? These videos will teach you how pros think about poker, finer theory behind how the game works, and winning habits you can start using immediately to get more out of your sessions.



Do you already play regularly, multiple days a week? Are you interested in plugging your leaks and adding to your edge? Whether you want to work on increasing your win percentage, short stack play or more; our top level videos have something for you. New cash game, tournament, personal development and theory content every week!