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There's a lot going on in the poker world, so I've laid out the most important events and dates happening this month. These are the special tournaments and events that don't happen every month - the ones you want to know about and want to be playing.

If you want to see the regular tournaments that happen every month, click here.

MiniFTOPS Event 2

MiniFTOPS XXVII gives you 30 chances to take part in FTOPS $1.25 million guaranteed action at 1/10th of the regular FTOPS buy-in. You can buy in to any MiniFTOPS XXVII event directly, or satellite your way in for as little as $0.05 or 25 Full Tilt Points.

MiniFTOPS Event #2 Details

  • Jan 04 16:30 ET
  • $11
  • $50,000 guaranteed
  • NL Hold'em
  • Multi-day (every day from Jan 4th to Jan Jan 18th)

Get the full MiniFTOPS schedule here.

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January 4
MiniFTOPS Begins
January 7
MiniFTOPS Event 8