Coaching FAQs

Will you work with anyone?

I will only work with clients who are willing to invest time, energy and effort into themselves. I am always happy to do my side of the arrangement, but I will not do repeat sessions with those who are not taking any action to make changes. My greatest reward in coaching comes from seeing the progress that clients make between sessions. It’s what keeps me motivated to continue to do what I do.

Why do you charge so much? $300 per session is expensive!

The fee not only sets a value on the service and what I feel my time is worth, but is also reflects the feeling of worthiness and self-love of the person seeking to change their wellbeing. It puts a tangible value and commitment on you towards your own healing and personal development. I want to work with people who are at least at this level of commitment.

I have charged less in the past for private sessions and even given away free sessions. In these sessions I felt that my time wasn’t appreciated and that the clients rarely followed through on the post-session work that leads to all the positive change.

I want to work with people who not only want to change, but are ready to invest well in themselves both financially and energetically. These are the people I feel I can offer the most value and benefit too, and by pricing accordingly I ensure I’ll mostly be working with ideal clients.

When it comes to the poker coaching, what you learn can be immediately applied to increase profits. You are getting access to a wealth of poker knowledge and I can guarantee if you’re at a point where you’re ready to invest in yourself like this, you will get more than your money’s worth.

When do I have to make my payment for the session?

Payment must be made in full after the session has been confirmed. Sessions for the week will be confirmed on the weekend, and payment must be sent to by Sunday at midnight EST.

What is your policy for cancellations?

For complete refund, I require a full week’s notice. In lieu of such notice, if you fail to make your session, I will refund 50% of the session fee.

Why won’t you give a full refund on 24-48 hours notice?

My time is very valuable to me – as yours should be to you - and once I’ve scheduled my week, the rest of my activities are centered around delivering the highest value in my work and service. If someone cancels or doesn’t show up to a session it disrupts the flow of my week, and prevents me from functioning at my highest capacity.

I only want to work with people who are committed to making positive change, and someone who cannot make it to an appointment is usually not that committed.

Note: In extreme cases I’m willing to make exceptions. I’m not trying to take people’s money without earning it, but accountability, respect and mindful planning are cornerstones of not only my teachings, but living a fulfilled life. When you book a session with me, it’s a promise that you’re making to yourself, and part of my job as a coach is to ensure you are making good on that promise and following through.

Why is Personal Guidance less expensive than Poker Coaching?

I feel there is a great need for self-reflection in the time we live in. I also know from firsthand experience that one simple session can go a long way in transforming oneself. Because of the potential impact is so high I want to make it available to more people; I want to make it accessible.

I enjoy this type of work on a deeper level than I do talking about poker strategy. I feel it will make a bigger difference to your long run happiness (my primary purpose), and since I’m receiving that extra benefit, I don’t require the same level of financial compensation.

That said, if you feel the value is there, you are more than welcome to pay anywhere up to $300 per session, the personal guidance is offered on a sliding scale so that you can both pay what you can, and pay what you feel my time and energy are worth to you.

What if I know I want Personal Guidance, but I’m not sure what the problem is?

If you know what your dream is, and what your goal is, then you’re ready to work with me. I can almost guarantee that early on in our first conversation we will be able to identify what’s holding you back from moving forward.

This is the benefit that I bring to the table: I can help identify what the blocks are and I can suggest tools and techniques to help you move past the blocks. This is why personal guidance is so beautiful: you bring the person, I’ll bring the guidance, and together we’ll make your life into a masterpiece.

What if I want to work on something you don’t offer?

I have a strong network of coaches who specialize in other areas which I do not. I am more than happy to direct you to someone who will be able to help you with your current challenges. Simply fill out this form and I will do my best to pair you up with an appropriate coach.

What if I can’t afford coaching?

I understand that you may want and need my help, but – no matter how much you are prepared to invest in yourself – you simply don’t have the funds. My help is not confined to those who can afford it. I am proud to offer a wealth of information at much lower prices.