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We’ll show you everything it takes and it wont cost you a penny. Gripsed Poker Training offers free content that will help you develop the skills necessary to be the best in the game. Join our team and get exclusive access to professional training content, special offers, and more!


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Practice Makes Perfect.

Online poker is one of the best learning tools available. It gives us an opportunity to get a ton of experience in and build up a bankroll. If you sign up with one of our partner sites, we’ll send you a free training bundle that will help you take your game to another level. Just create a new account & deposit to one of our partner poker rooms:

  • Best USA-friendly network
  • Biggest guarantees in USA
  • Fast Bitcoin withdraws

Deposit Bonus: 100% deposit match, daily cash rewards, and freeroll tickets.

Bonus Code: GRIPSED

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  • Weaker overall player base
  • Second largest network
  • Great promos & guarantees

Deposit Bonus: $20 INSTANT MATCH bonus when you deposit at least $20.

Bonus Code: GRIPSED

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  • Big value Sunday majors
  • Third largest network
  • Weaker playing fields

Deposit Bonus: 100% deposit match plus free tournament and SNG tickets.

Bonus Code: GRIPSED

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Choose which training bundle items you would like then fill out the form below with the information.

1. Choose your training guide

Gripsed MTT Guide, Glossary &
Hand Ranking Cheat Sheets

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Gripsed Cash Game Guide &
Hand Ranking Cheat Sheets

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Gripsed 10-part MTT
Video Strategy Guide

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2. Choose your Advanced Training Webinar

My WSOP Winning Formula
(6 hour webinar)

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A Life Changing Tournament Score
(5 hour webinar)

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5 Pillars of Peak Performance Poker
(3 hour webinar)

More Details

Submit Your Bundle Here

Once you have created your account, use the form below to indicate which training bundle items you would like.

You will receive your bundle in approximately 1-2 weeks after your account has been verified. See below for more details.

Your poker room account name (email for ACR).
The training guide you'd like (details above).
The training webinar you'd like (details above).


Bundle Info & FAQ

Minimums for Bonuses
Room Webinar
Americas Cardroom $25 deposit
Partypoker $25 deposit
888poker $20 deposit

How long does it take to receive my bundle?

It takes ~1 week to verify your account and deposit for this promotion with the poker room. You will get a response within 1-2 weeks either verifying or disapproving your bundle.

It's been longer than 14 days & I haven't heard anything?

This may be due to different reasons:

  • In rare cases our account manager might be absent or during of holidays it make take longer than 1 week to verify the account
  • You may have entered your email wrong, which means we have no way of contacting you
  • Our emails may be entering your spam inbox, please check there (add us as an email contact to avoid this)

Does this promotion apply if I already have an account with the poker room?

No. This promotion is for new accounts only. This promotion does not work for new deposits, ONLY new accounts referred as Gripsed players.

Do I really have to clear my cookies & cache?

Unfortunately yes. 888poker and Partypoker use cookie tracking instead of using a simple signup code to tag new players as a Gripsed players. If you are not tagged as a Gripsed player when you create your account, then you do not qualify for this bundle. So please make sure to follow the directions (even if it's a pain in the ass, I know).

Can I still get the bundle if I didn't get tagged as a Gripsed player?

If you were not tagged as a Gripsed player (see above) then you do not qualify this promotion and will not receive your bundle. We may make an exception in rare cases.

Do I still qualify if I signed up through Gripsed before I knew about this promo?

Yes, it is possible you can still qualify for this promo if you were tagged properly. Please fill out the form above.

The link won't work for me?

If you are having trouble opening the signup link, you may have a browser extension interfering with it (like AdBlock). Try disabling this extension or copying the link (right click: copy link address) and pasting it into a new browser tab.

Free Bonus Training Content

How To Win Tournaments

12 Lessons

There are a lot of subtle adjustments that must be made to excel in tournament poker. This course will teach you exactly what those subtleties are so that you can get more deep runs, and more big scores!

How to Play Your A-Game

12 Lessons

This course will teach you how to stay on your A game for your entire session so that you can have a big advantage over your competition

How To Become Tilt-Proof

10 Lessons

This course will teach you how to master the mental game of poker. You will learn how to control your emotions, master your tilt, and no-longer succumb to bad play or blowups.

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