"I just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve done in helping everyone with their poker game. I won another $2700 coming 2nd in the Mega Dozen, which for me as a student is crazzzzzy!"

- George Archer

Before I found Evan’s videos, I was playing the game by ‘feel’ and naturally wasn’t producing great results. I got fixated on watching the Party Poker and Betfair bankroll challenges, and they really began to give me a good lucidity in my thought processes. I made the full transition to cash games and started moving up the stakes, mainly playing zoom poker on PokerStars.

I didn’t really do any ‘off-the-table’ work apart from watching the Gripsed videos, and managed to sustain a very high win-rate up to around 400NL, where my bankroll had reached about $15,000. After that, I starting using the poker style that Evan had taught, combined with some higher level concepts taught on other training sites, until I was crushing the 5/10 stakes. Evan was always very supportive when I posted my results, and I put all of my success down to finding his channel a year ago.

When Evan started making MTT videos, I started watching those as well. After watching the whole series, I tried my luck at them with some pretty good results. Playing his TAG and well adjusting style, I made three or four scores between $2000 and $4000. I then started watching his reviews of other people’s MTTs, which opened my eyes to spots where I had massive leaks in my game. On January 7th, I placed first in the Sunday major $215 NLO tournament for $5,400. The very next week, I placed 6th in the Sunday 2nd Chance for around $10,000, and chopped the Sunday Million whilst in first place for $201,000. Evan then kindly reviewed the whole hand history for my Sunday Million win, and still helped me realise a couple of spots where I was making mistakes.

I thank Evan for all of my poker success, as I know it wouldn’t have happened without his project. I would recommend anybody who is playing any stakes to watch the videos that are suited to their kind of poker. I would specifically recommend the Party Poker Bankroll Challenge series. I must have watched each of the episodes at least four times, and they were great to watch before a grinding session, as they really help you get in the correct state of mind for playing.

- Charlie Carrel

Just wanted to thank you for all the content you've been putting out the last few years, it has helped me to raise my game tremendously.  I know that you have been focusing more on MTT strategy as of late and it's all great stuff but I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the impact your content has had on my cash game play.  The approach you take on reviewing hands and sessions has taught me how to step back and truly critically evaluate my own plays and find leaks in my game.  I now feel very comfortable sitting in live cash games and have finished up in 9 of my last 11 sessions at $2/5 netting a profit of just over $3k.  What I'm most impressed with is that I can see my own adjustments from session to session as I continue to leak find.  I am sitting with several people who I know are pros and I am now able to hold my own and even profit in these games.

- Christopher Lescarbeau

Your videos have made too much of a difference for me to tell you. I've been entering more NL tourneys and having a lot greater success, my PLO8 game has improved a lot too, as well as my general outlook on things. Your legacy will be your ability to transfer your positive mindset - and I thank you so much for finding a way to do that.

In June I lost $500; In July I won $300; In August I found your videos and I won $1550; in September, $3420; in October, $10200; and in November so far it's $15800. I owe a large percentage of this to you and I'm so grateful. You're the man and I hope to make some PLO8 vids that have a quarter of your video's popularity.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me back on track, and for bringing the best out of people everywhere.

- Dave Bingham

I have been playing poker for around 6 years but more seriously the last year as i found the Gripsed youtube channel. Following his MTT Strategy Guide I soon started to get some success. Couple of months ago I was on a massive downswing and decided to step away from the game. During this time I watched some poker training videos and Evan sent me the first chapter from his new book. I have started playing again the last few weeks and have won $10K+ with a new edge to my game thanks to what Evan sent to me. Looking forward to reading the book when it is released!

- Ryan Macpherson

Hold’em in today’s game is very tough. Good players are no longer good enough to win the money in the long haul. One must think outside the box and learn to beat the good to win. The videos provided by the Gripsed poker show will really help you re-think and re-develop your game, which will in turn allow you to take it to the next level. I personally recommend watching the triple threat video and the poker tournament reviews. The triple threat video will not only remind you the three ways to win, it will also fine tune how you look at the game. Everyone these days knows that you must play aggressively to win… but does everyone recognize the game theory behind hand selection? This particular video helps you understand some basic and intermediate concepts behind selection which will improve even a good player’s game to become better.

Poker tournaments can be an extremely lucrative experience if you play them correctly. That being said you still have to get extremely lucky in your own way to win one. Really the trick that you will learn by watching these videos is range mathematics and knowing when you will need to gamble your stack to win.

Often the difference between the good and the great these days is understanding tilt and knowing how to relax yourself after a gross beat. The tilt video helped me considerably and it will help you also. That being said, the difference between the good and the great is knowing how to handle yourself when the cards go very poorly.

- Lance Bryant, "Winner of the Great Canadian Freeze Out 2014 - $17,000"

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you've done in helping everyone with their poker game. I won another $2700 coming 2nd in the Mega Dozen, which for me as a student is crazzzzzy! I'm now crushing 6 tables of 50nl at 14bb/100 and I hope to move up to 100nl soon! As a thank you and to further improve my game, I will be purchasing your books! Finding Gripsed has in effect doubled my student loan and presented me with new opportunities after university! Not only do I now have the option of going pro but I can now hope to save enough money to fill my ambition to take a gap year and travel the world!

A Big Big Thank You!

- George Archer

Along with many others cannot thank you enough for the excellent free training you are providing. I am a member of a couple of training a sites and I find your free content much easier to digest, way more entertaining and I also empathise with your overall philosophy on life as a grounded and positive human being plus your hand history reviews are easily the best out there.

You are truly an inspiration and I feel privileged to have discovered you. Please keep on with the movement and I hope you are soon reviewing a success story of mine in the future.

Much love from the UK.

- Jamie Clossick

I've been playing for a few years now and I tried to learn poker by myself, but it seems like I was always break-even or barely making money...  Until I found out about Gripsed.com near the end of 2012.

Since then... 2013 has been my best year! Finally getting 1st in multiple MTTs on PokerStars and 888poker and winning a BIG $7000 for 3rd place in the Big $11.

Gripsed helped me improve my game to such a degree that once I get on a table, I feel the edge I gained from all the training videos I've watched. He introduced me to new concepts and optimal strategies for different kind of games, in my case, Multi-Table Tournaments.

Evan Jarvis is also a great motivational speaker who will push you beyond your limits and comfort zone so that you become a better person overall!

All in all, I'm Proud to say I'm part of Team Gripsed! :)

- Andrew Insonmi

The Gripsed poker training program helped become a winning poker player. From struggling at the 10NL cash game tables, I am now playing 25NL and even 50NL with confidence.

By watching your videos the technical aspects of the game really became clear to me. I now actively think about the game instead of playing on the autopilot. However, the most important thing I learned in the program, was getting the right mindset.

Since I am an active member of the community and followed the program I am much less emotionally affected by outcomes. Tilt is a rare thing because of your videos Evan. You have inspired me with them.

- Lars Lubbers

Since discovering Gripsed Poker Training channel, it has helped me hone in and develop my poker skills further to become a consistently profitable player. The countless educational hand history reviews and the inspiring motivational videos have been a great foundation to build on and develop myself to become the best poker player I can be.  I would recommend Gripsed to any aspiring poker player looking to make money on the side or even as a cornerstone for those wanting to make a living from playing poker.

- Rakan Alhajji

I have been playing poker for about 4 years now and although I have won a few low stakes tournaments I have never really been consistent with my results. I typically deposit a small amount $50 - $100 - play tournaments and sit n go's normally $3 - $4 each and the Pokerstars Sunday Storm for $11.  I'm ok when I'm making regular gains but as soon as I hit a bad run of say 5-6 losing sessions in a row I get a bit frustrated/tilty and usually up the stakes to get back the losses and end up busting my bankroll.

What you have taught me is that it's ok to bust out if you think a play will win you the chips and it's just a fact with MTT's that you will have some bad beats and get unlucky and it's not all just down to skill. Another important thing I have taken from your videos is to never give up, normally I would cruise along well - stacked up nicely take a big bad beat and end up going on tilt and blowing off the rest of my chips. I played a tournament the other night when a similar thing happened but I took your advice and managed to grind my way back to make the final table when I was virtually out of the tournament. Although I didn't win I still made 7th place and earned a nice little pay-out which I would normally not have achieved.
I will be watching more of your training videos as they are much more helpful than the usual boring poker strategy books/videos and more importantly you teach the player about the emotional/physical considerations of approaching a poker game which other teachers neglect.
You are a legend of the poker community Evan and probably a legend amongst your circle of friends too!

-Chris Louth

I'd like to give a huge thank you to you and the Gripsed community! I've made a lot of friends through the project that have picked me up when I have fallen down and helped me back up. I used to suffer a lot from tilt, I'll be honest and say I have still not fully cleared it out of my life but it is certainly a lot better, I have to give a lot to the reduction of my tilt from being in the group, I have enjoyed my time and I have become less stressful and have learnt to take losing flips and even losing dominating hands when we go all in 3 hours in to a tournament and my AA gets beaten by some Russian who has 72 off suit and bust 5 away from getting into the money.

After being in the group I have found myself running deeper and deeper into tournaments and have lately being Final Tabling. My biggest cash so far was being 5th in The Big 5.50 for $1,600. Awesome! I've still got a lot of improvement to be made and I will be making sure I take full advantage of picking the brains of all the great people in the group.

- Thomas Moore

I wanna say a very big thank you to you and your work. It´s amazing how I could improve my game over the last 6 months. I got 2 MTT wins and several final tables on Full Tilt and my biggest online cash in the Sunday million - 8th anniversary. Generally, I play small stacks mtts, therefore the monetary payouts are not so big as in your vids, but for me its not all about the money! Yesterday I joined Team Gripsed and that gave me a big push to work hard on my game.

Okay thank you Evan for doing this, your work and your analysis skills are just amazing! Go on and get stackin ;)

-Marcu Kreysh

I have been playing poker for 20 years and never read any poker books other than Caro's Tells. Your MTT strategy videos really helped. I ended up splitting the first place in WPT regional championship event in Tampa for 55k thanks to you. I am bummed out that you were in Vegas for WSOP and I would have at least treated you to a dinner and drinks. I ended up cashing in 1500. I am about to play the WPT event in Miami today and watched the early stages video again as a refresher course. Your presentations are so thoughtful and organized. Keep up the great work. You are the best teacher on the net.

- Shrini Yarlagadda

Even though it took me 3 years of learning starting with basic knowledge of poker I'm now focusing on the positives to my min cash especially being as I satellited for FPP's.

 I just wanted to thank you for your great videos, I like the fact that you help us to help ourselves, which helps when the dynamics of the game change, for instance I remember a video where you talked about aggression in the late stages of a tournament, I was surprised to learn that min raising can become quite aggressive when the blinds are short. I was raising 3 or 4x the blinds unnecessarily like an idiot and getting shoved on before that video.

 It was because of your videos I was finally confident enough to put up $100, in which I profited from the tables anyway and also satellited into the Sunday Million Anniversary

- Russell Bouffard

Just wanted to tell you how much you have helped my game over the last year or so and extend a personal thank you for all the hard work you put into your coaching and YouTube productions.

What is important is that despite knowing I still have leaks in my game, I am constantly trying to figure out better ways and this is all thanks to you.... Up until watching your videos over and over, I naturally would have bet 70% pot on my AK on a A72 rainbow in a single raise pot against the big blind... ! You have made me start to think outside the box about my opponents’ ranges and tendencies and without this I would be playing boring ABC poker. I am now confident enough now that I can multi-table whilst thinking about all the nuances of cash game.

- Chris Urbacz

I have been playing poker for many years, at first cashing very rarely and just losing a lot of money most of the time as a recreational player. Then about a year and a half ago I started doing a bit of research into the game because it made me wonder how the same people always had success at the game, there must be a method and a way to beat the game. I found a video on YouTube called "How to make $1000  in 45 Minutes" by a guy called Gripsed. I was taken aback by the analysis he gave on hands and situations. I then saw there were many more videos. I started to work my way through them, the MTT guides and bankroll challenges. I was then fortunate enough to have the live seat with Evan himself when I first started to play 25NL. Now I have fully transitioned to MTT’s and over the last 6 months my game has excelled and I am a winning player. Since last December I have made around 20k in tournament winning. It all started down to Evan and I always keep up to date with all his recent videos as it keeps me ahead of the curve and keeping my edge on the fields.

- Ryan Macpherson

I thought I would never mentally be good enough to play because I couldn't handle it when I would get beat by a bad play. This was until I met my poker God Evan Jarvis. I've been watching your videos for a few months now and my game has improved MASSIVELY. I'm getting regular cashes and for the first time in my life I know what I'm doing. I took what I learned and tried myself in a live poker tournament at my local casino and I cashed!! I was a bag of nerves but my game was bang on. If it wasn't for you I would still be wasting my money on online poker. You've made poker not just fun and exciting .. but profitable too! I can't thank you enough but I am your biggest fan. I appreciate the time you take out your day to make these videos for your team of Gripsters.

- Darrel Lyons

Thanks for an opportunity to give something back to you. I was a random YouTube’r (losing player) turned full-fledged Gripster (winning player). I tried reading info on poker a while ago but I wasn't grasping the knowledge properly, but thanks to your training all of that has changed. Because of my hard work studying your material, I finally feel like I have a leg-up on this game and have been lucky enough to start hitting that withdraw button for some pretty decent scores( lol). Gonna go out there and get stackin', all thanks to you!

- Tyler Dart

Evan, I am an almost 80 year old man who has dabbled in NLH the last ten years (Spade Club, Club WPT) and, after listening/studying most of your videos, I just recently started playing online for "real money".  I was just playing small-ball games, and still am, but after studying your play, ranges and your comments on the $7,220 video, I started winning pretty consistently.  That is why the "Thank You!".  Now I know that I'm not going to become a poker pro, but I do know that I am going to earn a few extra dollars for my wife and me to enjoy life. Potentially, you are the cause of a new hope that there will be more for us than what Social Security checks furnish.  

Your "2014 IS OUR YEAR!" video inspired me to start taking poker seriously (and it is still enjoyable/entertaining) and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and billfold!!

You are a cool young man - - - keep it going, GRIPSED!

-  Duane Johnson

Appreciate your videos!!

I shipped the Sunday Millions WCOOP Editions for 302K - it was a 2 day event. I play poker for a hobby and I fall asleep every night watching your stuff. It really helped me improve over the last year so I figured you might be interested in the hand history and I'm happy to see where I could  improve my game ;-)

I won some smaller tournaments recently because I played more..

- Jeroen Van Rossum

I'm a micro-stakes player from Slovakia and I wanted to thank you for all of your content which is out there. And big thanks for making it free. I enjoy looking at your videos and I'm pretty sure they helped me a lot - even though I don't play tournaments because I do not have bankroll. I won one it was 1.10 Regular speed tourney with 2,015 contenders and only 321s first prize. Even though it might seem ridiculous to all big players, this was huge for me really huge :) And I wouldn’t do it absolutely without you so definitely thank you for that.

Keep it going you’re doing a great job :)

- Matus Reja