Alex Fitzgerald's MTT Masterclass

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Alex Fitzgerald's MTT Masterclass

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All Alex’s Best Programs in one package.
Become an MTT Beast and takeover the poker tables at the WSOP this summer.

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Master Tournament Poker in One Class

Topics covered in this program include

  • Preflop Raising

  • 3-Betting Strategy

  • 4-Betting Strategy

  • Cold Calling

  • How to defend your Blinds Effectively

  • Playing the Flop

  • Playing the Turn

  • Playing the River

  • ICM (Independent Chip Modelling)

  • Early, Middle and Late Stage Play

In his book The Myth Of Poker Talent, Alex wrote how you can work to get a perfect game.

In this teaching series, he gives you a perfect game.

This series covers everything in No Limit Hold'em tournaments. Preflop raising, threebetting, fourbetting, cold calling, blind defense, flops, turns, rivers, ICM, and how to play each stage of a tournament.

Speaking frankly, this is the class he put together for the hundreds of students who approached him after his book was released and said, "I'll pay you what you want if you can tell me how to beat poker tournaments in 3-5 hours."

Through trial and error, he’s learned what works and what doesn't in the field, and he’s simplified my methods so that anyone can memorize the concepts. 

For the first time ever, Alex will also show you all the statistics he uses from his database analysis to formulate this comprehensive strategy. 

Alex also include reference materials you can use in the field in case you're ever unsure of what hand to play in what situation. 

What others are saying about Master Tournament Poker in one Class

Hi Alex, I wanted to thank you. By studying all your material and putting the time I managed to get to 3 final tables in the last 2 weeks, including shipping a Sunday major few minutes ago.

Thanks a lot,


This is why I LOVE your training man, you DON’T think like all the robots out there...Since making adjustments using your strat and changing my mindset, I’ve final tabled 8 of my last 14 live tourneys and the other 6 included a cash and others were top 20 (bubbling)! So running DEEP!!


How To Think Like a Poker Player

In Master Tournament Poker In One Class, Alexander "Assassinato" Fitzgerald gave you the best system to beat open-field tournaments in 2018. 

In How To Think Like A Poker Player, Alex will show you how you can win for a lifetime.

Poker training is generally convoluted and unnecessarily complex. That's why, in this series, Alex gets to the core of what makes a real profitable player tick. 

These are the fundamentals no one ever taught you. If they are applied correctly, you will be able to profit with close to any two cards.

How To Think Like A Poker Player is not for the faint of heart, however. In these nine episodes, Alex will drill you constantly. This is repetition and discipline, designed for those who take their game seriously. 

Master The Flop

In the midst of a health scare, Alexander "Assassinato" Fitzgerald tried to recount every postflop trick he uses to get insane value out of marginal hands while always keeping the ball in his court. These files are the result.

In this series, learn how to play the most common trouble boards, get more value, check back correctly, and always stay in control


What Others are Saying about Master The Flop

"In my opinion, this is your best content ever!" - Ken Kormanis, student

"I started using the Master the Flop techniques in a $340.00 Seniors tournament yesterday at Parx Big Stax event near Philadelphia. What I learned helped me make the final table!" -Don Kline, student

"I have already started implementing Master the Flop into my study routine. I have been working on board textures and it's a perfect fit." - Mary Beth, student

”This is the most complete program I have ever seen for approaching post-flop play in no-limit hold’em” -Evan Jarvis


Master Poker in 1 Hour a day

Still one of Alexander "Assassinato" Fitzgerald's best-selling products, Master Poker With One Hour A Day was created to help working adults who didn't have 60+ hours a week to dedicate to poker. 

The video series focuses on specific categories and database analysis that can be used to rapidly find damaging leaks. It also includes step-by-step instructions on how to create "deliberate practice" sessions which have you developing huge gains on the felt. 

Dissecting the Donk bet

There are few bets that frustrate regulars as much as the “donk” bet. For those who do not know, a donk bet is when you call out of position and then lead into the preflop raiser on the flop. It was labeled the donk bet because when poker began, it was a play generally used by novice players .

In this training program you will learn:

How to generate much more profits and limit your losses when playing out of the blinds

How to generate massive value with otherwise vulnerable hands

Learn how to balance your donk leads with strong combinations for massive value

Learn the best times to lead intro a headsup pot vs a multiway pot based on the board texture and your opponent

You Flat Too Much

In today's games, where opening percentages have gone as high as 25% even from UTG, you need to be threebetting more than ever. 

This is even more important considering FOURBETTING PERCENTAGES HAVE GONE DOWN. 

Most of the time, you can confirm a player is opening too much in certain positions, and threebet absurd hands for value, exploiting their inability to fold to threebets.

This is the only webinar I have ever made that became more relevant over time.

Learn how to threebet the right people and handle yourself postflop. 

That’s a Checkraise Fool

Are you sick of people being able to take pots away from you with a simple continuation bet?

No more! With this tried-and-true strategy guide you will be able to checkraise like a pro against any player.

Learn what boards are good to attack and which are not.

Find out what player tendencies are easy to exploit with a checkraise.

Discover what hands work well with a checkraise.

And much much more!

Peak Performance Audio Program

Peak Performance Poker uses a collection of neuro-acoustic audio tracks specifically designed to help you optimize your game. Listen to them before you get down to the felt and to get more focused, less anxious, and be more present in every single moment. 

Warmup Tracks Include: Vaporizing Performance Anxiety,  Creating The Vision, Dialing In, Entering the Arena

Cooldown Tracks Include: Moving Beyond The Results, Relaxation and Repair, Reconnecting with Reality

Bonus Tracks include: TILTProof, Second Wind, and GameBreaker

The MTT Video Strategy Guide

The definitive Gripsed video series that takes you through every step of your tournament game. This 10-part series explores all aspects of tournaments, both live and online. This is the ultimate guide to strengthening your fundamentals. Get the download so you can watch it anywhere without needing an internet connection.



How you need to be thinking in order to win tournaments. Covering the introduction to mindset advantage and what will be covered throughout the series.



How to approach the early stages of multi-table tournaments. This includes:

  1. Assessing your table and getting reads

  2. Identifying where your chips will come from then attacking

  3. Giving yourself the best chance to stay in contention

  4. Techniques for good profitable gambling versus reckless stack endangerment



How to approach the middle stages of multi-table tournaments. This includes:

  1. Learning how to read and react to the table

  2. Advanced chip accumulation techniques

  3. How and when to change gears

  4. How to play the bubble with various stack sizes



How to approach the late stages of multi-table tournaments. This includes:

  1. Late stage tournament checklist

  2. Transitioning into closing mode

  3. Final table bubble play with various stack sizes

  4. Adjusting to shorthanded play



How to use fold equity and pot equity to give yourself the best chance of turning your short stack into a big stack. Techniques covered includes:

  1. The jam

  2. The re-jam

  3. The stop & go

  4. The coinflip

  5. The cooler



How to use leverage and dynamics to grow your stack without showdown and give yourself the best chance to maneuver to the final table with minimal variance. Techniques covered includes:

  1. The steal

  2. The iso-raise

  3. The re-steal

  4. The squeeze play

  5. The cold 4-bet



How to play the final table - how to size up the final table as short stack, what your game plan should look like, what adjustments to make as a big stack, and how to play for the win versus getting paid. Techniques covered include:

  1. Playing as a short stack

  2. Playing as a big stack

  3. Adjusting to shorthanded play

  4. Heads-up play

  5. Whether you should make a deal



What adjustments to make when playing satellite tournaments. Want to turn $40 into $2.5M like Moneymaker did? This lesson covers adjustments for:

  1. Big field megas with multiple packages

  2. Winner take all

  3. Step SNG satellites



What adjustments to make when playing large field tournaments (1000+). Learn why these tournaments are some of the best potential investments for your bankroll.



An introduction to the world of live poker tournaments. These are the softest tournaments you can find and also the ones with the biggest payouts so it's important to know how to play them properly. Topics covered include:

  1. Preparation: physical, mental and emotional

  2. What to wear and how to size up your competitors

  3. How to act at the table to stay comfortable

  4. Rules to know so you can look like a pro