Cash Game Crusher's Complete Program

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Cash Game Crusher's Complete Program

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5 Elite Trainers come together to teach you how to crush cash games for life.

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Charlie Carrel’s Poker Masterclass

Next-level wins are the result of next-level preparation. You know it. We know it. Multi-million dollar poker pro Charlie Carrel teaches it.  Poker is all about control. Charlie’s masterclass teaches how to take the control for your own gain.

You won’t luck out for long. Learn the winning strategies and mindset that will help you move up the poker rankings and climb through the microstakes from living poker legend  — and all around good guy — Charlie Carrel.

Charlie Carrel’s Microstakes Masterclass includes:

  • 6 live coaching sessions with Charlie and students

  • Multiple sweat sessions of Charlie playing micro-stakes live and reviewing his own footage

  • Charlie reviewing additional mid and high stakes hands from attendees

  • Extended Q+A session with Charlie

  • A guided meditation to get you in a winning mindset

  • A guided meditation to keep you from going on tilt

Charlie Carrel’s Microstakes Masterclass: What to Expect

Long-term profitability at the tables is the result of a proper mindset and winning strategies. This is what will help you move up the poker rankings, climbing through the microstakes. Charlie Carrel’s Microstakes Masterclass lets you learn how to do this from someone who achieved the feat for himself. Charlie built his bankroll from 15 pounds to 60K pounds playing cash games from 2NL to 2000NL. Then he started playing tournaments, and winning tournaments. The rest, as they say, is history.

And it’s still history in the making. Be a part of it.

Since adding tournaments to his schedule charlie has amassed over $7 million in poker winnings!

Change the Way You Think, Change the Way You Play

Charlie’s Microstakes Masterclass begins by reprogramming the way you think about the game. You’ll learn the importance of long-term thinking — and why your default operating mode runs counter to this (people think short-term as default).

You’ll learn Charlie’s system for labeling players, and why you need to be labeling players at every opportunity.

You’ll learn how to keep your thought process quick and efficient.

You’ll learn how to set smart goals to motivate you rather than unrealistic, burdensome goals that will drag you down.

You’ll also learn how to best the competition on a range of levels, from 2NL to 25L.

How to Beat 2NL

  • The importance of opening ranges

  • What types of hands to complete from the small blind in a multiway pot

  • What types of hands to raise blind vs. blind and what sizing to use to risk the least

  • What types of hands to call raises with when in position vs. out of position

  • Learn where the money is most easily made at 2NL

  • Find out the TWO questions you need to ask on every street when playing a value hand

  • Learn how to adjust your bet sizes to get the reaction you want from your opponents

  • Learn why you shouldn’t be bluffing at 2NL

  • Find out when to build big pots and when to keep pots small

  • Uncover the key question you must ask yourself when running a bluff

  • Learn what BSTI means and how you can use it to get extra value out of marginal hands

  • Discover a major sign that someone is running a multi street bluff (so you can snap them off)

  • Learn what a MRBB is and how you can use it to get extra value from your opponent’s range

  • Find out how to evolve your c-betting game to include multiple sizes (and the right sizes for right situations)

How to Beat 5NL

  • Learn why you need to be trickier with your bet sizing at 5NL

  • Uncover how to exploit the similarities between 5NL and 2NL

  • Learn why you need to be playing a wide range against weaker players

  • Master advanced tactics to get maximum value from your big hands like sets in 3-bet pots

  • Learn the most important question to ask yourself when you make a big hand

  • Find out why you need to STOP WORRYING ABOUT GETTING STACKED

  • Discover how to deal with entitlement tilt and fear of failure

  • Learn to differentiate between determination and desperation

  • Take a deeper dive into bet sizing, and learn how different sizes accomplish different things

  • Discover what betting line you can use to get extra value from your opponents in the microstakes

How to Beat 10NL-25NL

  • Find out how to effectively incorporate donk betting into your game in multiway pots

  • Learn why it’s important to add overbetting to your game, and what different overbet sizes usually mean

  • Uncover the key to annihilating mid-stakes poker

  • Learn how to play on pair + straight boards  — an essential money making spot that will come up over and over

  • Learn how to count hand combos to decide if you can value bet the river vs. checking

  • Discover how to adjust your 3-betting range as stacks get deeper

  • Find out how to adjust your 3-bet defending ranges based on your opponents 3-bet range

  • Learn why all the best players in the world at some point played like maniacs

  • Score advanced bet sizing tactics to get more folds while risking less and getting more value in thin spots

  • Learn how to make sure you get the most value from your big hands

  • Advanced multi-street betting strategies to manipulate your opponents range

  • Learn how pros think about bet sizing vs. how recreational players think about bet sizing

  • Find out why you should almost always be betting the river instead of checking back (even if it’s a min-bet)

  • Find out when (and why) Charlie chooses to run it twice vs. running it once

  • Discover why it’s important to have an uncapped range, and get tricks to keep your range uncapped in your opponent’s mind

  • Learn why it’s hard to win when floating out of position and you may want to consider bluff-raising more often instead

  • Learn the best types of boards to bluff on with a wide range of hands

  • & more!

Poker’s 1% Video Course - by James ‘splitsuit’ Sweeney

This complete video series that takes the epic book ‘Poker’s 1%’ and brings it to life. See the math behind the game and spot every place where your opponents are leaving heaps of chips on the table - and capitalize by fighting more, folding less, and choosing more intelligent ranges with a true system for success.

Poker is a game that’s all ego and bluffs on the surface, but under the hood, it’s all math and frequencies. This series teaches you the ins-and-outs of a frequency-first strategy that your opponents simply will not beat. Learn how to spot your opponents leaks, fix your own, and win more by folding less in an intelligent way.

This course contains 11 videos and includes extras to help you retain the information better. The total runtime of the videos is 7+ hours (all 1080p HD video) and you can download them immediately to enjoy on any of your devices. You could easily do this entire course in a single weekend, though revisiting it from time to time is a great idea no matter how often you play.

Poker’s 1% E-Book - by Ed Miller

Elite poker players aren’t like the rest of us. Sure, they play in huge games where tens of thousands of dollars can move in the blink of an eye. But that’s not the only difference. Elite players play and think about the game in a completely different way from everyone else.

If you want to raise your game to their level, it’s not just a matter of getting a little better at what you already do. The honest truth is that the way 99% of poker players approach the game is fundamentally flawed. You will never be able to crack the top 1% until you know what they know.

There’s one big secret to the game that nearly every elite player knows, yet almost no one else understands. It’s an open secret-no one is hiding it. Elite players talk about it sometimes in videos and articles. Nevertheless, top players have known this secret for years, yet still almost no one else does.

Poker’s 1% seeks to change that. It bridges that gap between the elite players and everyone else. It promises that as long as you are willing to put in the work, you too have a shot to reach the top. Poker’s 1% teaches a way of thinking about how you play, a way to unify every hand you’ve ever played and ever will play into one single, overarching strategy.

The goal is that you will have one big “aha” moment, the moment where you finally “get” this game. After that, it’s just fine tuning. The more you fine tune your strategy, the more you win, and the higher you can go.

Poker’s 1% gives you a unique window into the secrets of the world’s best players. It shows you what you’ve been doing wrong and how to fix it. And, most importantly, it guides you in a straightforward way along the path from average player to elite.

Poker Workbook for Math Geeks E-Book - by Doug Hull

This book is like educational Sudoko for Poker Players. Perfect to brush up on the mental math of poker on the flight out to Las Vegas. The book starts by showing how to estimate your hand's value versus another. Then implied odds are worked on. Finally the idea of calculating your value versus and entire range of hands is taught. The book has hundreds of problems to practice on so that the mental math of poker becomes automatic and intuitive. Estimation techniques and shortcuts are taught so that you can do the right math at the table when you need it. The math is learned through repetition and this book has plenty of problems to practice on.

The 5 Pillars of Peak Performance Poker - by Evan ‘Gripsed’ Jarvis

With 5 simple habits, I'll teach you how to play to your peak performance every time you sit at the poker table. Poker is a mental game and everything you do to your mind and body affects your performance at the table.

These 5 simple lifestyle improvements include:

  • Mindset

  • Breathing

  • Diet

  • Movement

  • Rest

Master these and you'll not only feel better in your everyday life, you'll truly play to the best of your abilities with poker.

This webinar was hosted with the 2x WPT winner Jonathan Little who provides his own thoughts on the topics in the webinar.

Part 1

  • How I won $162k in a Poker Tournament and how you can too

  • The most effective way too learn from Real and Virtual Mentors

  • An example of an optimal study schedule for fine tuning your play

  • How to use the 2 Keys of Mentors and Study to Build Momentum

Part 2

  • What’s holding you back from your A-Game and what you can do about it

  • 3 Secret Sources of Energy you probably haven’t considered before

  • How to cultivate a Positive and Winning Mindset

  • How to Manage your Energy Levels During Play

  • The Benefits of Proper Breathing and Good Posture

  • 3 Easy Tricks to Cultivate Good Posture

Part 3

  • What to eat, when to eat, how to eat, and how much to eat for Peak Performance in tourneys

  • Why missing any of these will lead to sub-par performance on the poker tables

  • Why most people get tired and tilted by the end of the day in tournaments

  • The key to OVERCOMING TILT, so you can let go of frustration and free up mental energy

  • 3 more secret sources of energy to keep you at your best when food is not an option

  • How to get the most out of your breaks (be it 5 mins online or 20 mins live)

  • Learn to apply the ‘mental reset’ technique, so you can re-use it anytime

The Cash Game Guide E-Book - by Evan ‘Gripsed’ Jarvis

This extensive book will teach you the fundamentals and understandings of successful cash game play - essentially, everything you need to know to play poker like a pro. Perfect for any skill-level player and any style of player. I've packed my book with more than double the information of my MTT Guide plus added completed updated visuals. I guarantee if you take these lessons to heart and act on them, you'll see improvements in your game.

The Bankroll Building Bible E-Book - by Evan ‘Gripsed’ Jarvis

What poker will provide someone who’s looking to put in the time and dedication is a reliable, profitable and even predictable stream of income. There’s no other profession that can offer you as much financial and personal freedom from such a young age.

That’s where this book comes in: to teach you that the founding principles of long-term lucrative success in poker are founded in solid bankroll building and money management strategy.