How to Win the Sunday Million


How to Win the Sunday Million

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2 Elite Players Come Together for 20+ Hours of Expert MTT Poker Training.

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Winning a major online tournament is not easy. That's why we need the best in the world to teach us how to do it.

In this 25 Episode series (which also features 6+ hours of bonus footage) Alex Fitzgerald and Mike Wasserman get into the fine details of winning huge tournaments. 

Who is Mike Wasserman? The former #1 player in the world has $1,000,000+ in profit from online tournaments. In How To Win The Sunday Million he reveals his secrets for the first time ever. 

What kind of bluffs do pros never share? 

At what point in the tournament should you shift into another gear? 

What does that look like?

Over 100+ quiz questions and several ICMizer 2, Cardrunners EV, and Flopzilla calculations, Mike and Alex discuss what fundamental principles get you deep into major tournaments. Then, Mike guides you on how to close tournaments out with unrelenting calculated aggression.

This is not a series you want to miss. 

Watch a Sample Episode Below!