How to Win the Sunday Million


How to Win the Sunday Million

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A #1 Ranked Pocketfiver joins the most prolific tournament coach of all-time to teach you How To Win a Sunday Major.

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How to Win the Sunday Million

A single, solid approach: that's all you need to win the Sunday Million.

If anyone tries to tell you that winning a major online tournament is easy, you can bet your sweet aces they're peddling some serious scat. Winning big events is hard, but if you learn from the best, your odds of scoring a solid cash increase exponentially. The 'best' teachers are the people who are not only theoretical masters of the game, but who are theoretical and practical masters of playing the game online, in large scale events. Moreover, they are the people who have a proven track-record of winning, and winning consistently. These are the experts who can give you the edge you need to win.

Meet your masters.

Mike Wasserman  has won just about every major tournament online and cashed twice at the WSOP. He’s the former #1 player in the world and has $6 million+ in cashes, including $5.8m online and $370k live. In the last decade, he’s played 80,000+ tournaments against some of the best players on the planet  — and he’s also been mentored by top players like poker pro Calvin Anderson. In this course, for the first time ever, Mike reveals the secrets of his success.

Alex Fitzgerald went pro in 2006 and has never looked back. While a large winner in cash games and SNGs, his real notoriety came from his tournament prowess. Over the years, Alex has final tabled EPT and WPT events, while also scoring WCOOP and SCOOP wins. If there's a large tournament online, chances are he's final tabled it at some point.

Beyond his work on the felt, Alex Fitzgerald is also the most prolific tournament coach in the world, with thousands of students following his hundreds of articles, videos, and podcasts. Alex's first book, "The Myth Of Poker Talent" was called "the best poker I've ever read" by Part Time Poker, and was a #1 Amazon Poker Bestseller."

What to Expect from How to Win Sunday Millions

In this 25 episode series (which also features 6+ hours of bonus footage), Mike and Alex dive into the gritty details of winning huge tournaments. They discuss what fundamental principles get you deep into major tournaments. Then, Mike shows you how to close out tournaments with unrelenting calculated aggression. Every episode contains a unique lesson that’s essential for winning poker tournaments. Perfect for beginners or advanced players, this is a series you do not want to miss.

Get answers to often overlooked make-or-break questions like:

  • What kind of bluffs do pros never share?

  • At what point in the tournament should you shift into another gear? (And what does that look like?)

  • What’s the optimal strategy for different stack sizes?

  • What are the simplest (and most effective) ways to exploit opponents’ tendencies?

  • What are the best strategies to use against all different levels of opponents?

  • How do you exploit ICM to your advantage at the final table?

  • What types of players should you target for bluffs?

  • How do you deal with close spots & what’s the proper strategy surrounding marginal spots?

  • What types of questions should you ask yourself during a hand?

  • How do you properly analyze Flopzilla breakdowns of river bluffs?

Test your knowledge!

  • 100+ quiz questions to prepare you for the event

  • Multiple  ICMizer 2, Cardrunners EV, and Flopzilla calculations

  • Mike’s bonus review, which  includes an in-depth breakdown of all the hands he played using software like Flopzilla  to help find c-bets, floats, bluffs, and light call-downs

  • Learn how to use software like ICMIZER to identify spots to open shove, reshove, raise/fold, and raise/call. With this tool you will see specifically how much expected value is generated by each option and why some unorthodox plays are clearly profitable when supported by the math.

Not only is this a masterclass on how to win big field tournaments, it’s a masterclass on how to use powerful poker tools for study purposes so that you can get the most out of every tournament you review and have the best chance of winning every tournament you play.

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