The Live MTT Winning System

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The Live MTT Winning System

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Learn How to Master Live MTT Preparation and Performance

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An inside look at the system I've developed for cashing the Main Event so consistently. This is the same system I’ve used to win multiple 6-digit cashes in online tournaments and a $162k score at the WPT Fallsview Poker Classic. #LetsGetStackin


  • Day 1 - June 6th - 8PM ET / 5PM PT

  • The World Series of Poker + Vegas 2019

  • Common Tournament Errors

  • Poker Strategies for Success

  • The Mental Game of Poker

  • The Championship Mindset

  • The 5 Ps for Perfect Poker

  • Day 2 - June 8th - 1PM ET / 10AM PT

  • Getting Clear With Yourself

  • Doing What Dinners Do

  • The Keys to Your Success

  • How to Stay “In The Game”

  • How to “Check Yourself and not wreck yourself”

  • Pre-Game Warmup Routine

  • Day 3 - June 9th - 1PM ET / 10AM PT

  • How to Get Into Tournament Mentality

  • How to Find the Sweet Spots

  • Making the Most of Every Moment

  • When to Pump it, When to Dump it

  • The Power and Profitability of Follow Thru

  • What to Do When In Doubt

  • How to Stay Alert and Safe Down the Stretch

  • Bonus offer for WSOP Main Event Players


I’ve been playing poker, studying and producing poker strategy videos for over 15 years. I’ve trained under some of the brightest poker minds and used that knowledge to lead myself to 4 straight WSOP Main Event cashes. I bring a unique approach to poker, blending mindset and lifestyle for a more balanced poker life.