Master The Flop


Master The Flop


Your Complete Guide to Playing All Types of Flop Textures in No-Limit Hold’em

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What’s Included

  • 6 Hour Video Training Program

  • How to Play All Flop Textures: The System

  • High Card Boards

  • Suited Boards

  • Wheel Boards

  • Paired Boards

  • Straight and Flush Draws

  • Small Card Boards

  • When to Check the Flop

  • How to Buy the Showdown

  • How to Become a Postflop Master

About This Training Program

In the midst of a health scare, Alexander "Assassinato" Fitzgerald tried to recount every postflop trick he uses to get insane value out of marginal hands while always keeping the ball in his court. These files are the result.

In this series, learn how to play the most common trouble boards, get more value, check back correctly, and always stay in control.