My WSOP Winning Formula

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My WSOP Winning Formula


A must have for all live poker players.
The Art of Adjusting to your table,
a Mental Game Masterclass and
Peak Performance Poker Program
all-in-one sweet training package.

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What's Included

  • 6 hour webinar (6 parts)

  • Webinar notes & handouts

  • 9-handed hand ranking charts

  • 6-handed hand ranking charts

  • Opening range charts by table position

  • Download size: 3 GB


An inside look at the system I've developed for cashing the WSOP Main Event 4 Years in a row. Include both on-the-table tactics and off-the-table approaches to ensure peak performance. This is the same system I used which landed me my biggest score ever in February 2016: $162k at the WPT Fallsview Poker Classic.

These are tools and strategies which you can implement immediately, and you will notice the changes and benefits in your life very quickly. Most of the techniques are not complicated, or hard to apply, which is why I really want you to get this program!

Topics include:

  • The 7 key elements for success in poker & life

  • How to set intentions and improve focus

  • How to boost your motivation, confidence & energy

  • How to create a chip-accumulation action plan & adapt

  • My pre-game, in-game and post-game routines

  • My pre-flop & post-flop strategies & variables that affect them

  • Decision making tactics to protect your tournament life

Part 1

  • How to take control of your reality, so that you can become the director of your life story.

  • The 3 types of people: people who make things happen, watch things happen, wonder what happened

  • Understanding the power of thought, so you can use your thoughts to direct you to desired destination

  • Why understanding your subconscious mind, where 90% of thought happens IS ESSENTIAL if you want to be successful

  • The 4 Levels of learning - How to go from listening to material to integrating it into your game

  • Tips to improve your breathing, so you can boost your energy and brain power

  • 4 proven techniques to help you REDUCE TILT, so you can focus on playing great poker

  • 3 Tips to get help you get the max benefit from your pre-game warmup

Part 2

  • How to unlock your secret energy source (your willpower), so you can play longer sessions

  • How to get the benefits of Meditation, without a ton of effort, so you can feel calmer at the table

  • How to use the Law Of Attraction to get more chips in your stack, and wins on your resume

  • 4 specific ways to set an intention (each more progressively powerful)

  • 5 Steps to gain more control over your decision making, so that you stop making the same mistakes over and over again

  • My 7 Secrets for Success, to help you get the poker resume you want

  • 3 Bonus Secrets for Sustainability, to ensure that you don’t get burnt out

  • 5 Steps to upgrade your lifestyle and move towards 'living your dream'

Part 3

  • 5 Tips for developing the secrets of success, and the most effective way to implement them

  • 6 Ways to prime yourself for your upcoming success, so that you will play your best every time

  • The 6 keys for having an elite mental game of poker, so your emotions won’t get the best of you

  • 3 Questions to keep you on your A-Game while everyone else drops to their D-Game

  • The 3 best Places to spot tells and gain the information edge on your opponents

  • 7 Empowering Habits to ensure your decisions are driven by sound strategy + not driven by fear

Part 4

  • Post Game Recovery to re-charge on dinner break, and to calm your mind at night

  • 3 Ways to unwind your mind and clear out the thoughts that are keeping you awake

  • A 3 step process to relax your body and turn on the rest + recover state of being

  • My preflop opening ranges which ensure you’ll only be playing +EV hands

  • 5 Key Questions to ask when planning to deviate from the baseline strategy

  • How to choose between calling and 3-betting when facing a raise

  • How to best play the 5 key stack sizes between 10 and 40 blinds

  • Basic Bubble Strategy: when to go for the cash, when to go for the win

  • 5 Factors for playing back vs aggressive players on the bubble

  • 6 Factors to consider when facing an ALL-IN bet

Part 5

  • How to value your tournament life at every stage of the tournament

  • 6 Questions to ask when the flop comes down to create your plan of attack

  • How to get the most out of your value bets, how to minimize your risk when making bluffs

  • 7 Things to consider when making an Exploitative play vs your opponent

  • The 7 Elements of Peak Performance Poker and how to Boost all of them

Part 6


  • Find out what is the #1 Ingredient for a Happy Life

  • Find out what the #1 Ingredient for Growth and Development

  • The 5 Obstacles to Making Change… what’s keeping you stuck and frustrated

  • 6 Questions to Change Anything and Everything... and make it stick!

  • How to check in with your inner dialogue (and see why you behave the way you do under pressure)

  • 6 Power Phrases you can use immediately to change your inner dialogue to one that's more supportive!

  • How to RE-WIRE YOUR BRAIN, so that your default behavior matches lines up with your dream

  • My top 5 book recommendations for personal development

  • My top 5 poker book recommendations