Peak Performance Poker (Audio)


Peak Performance Poker (Audio)


A revolutionary and truly singular approach to training your brain for your best possible results on & off the table.

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Developed with the experts from iAwake Technologies.

What's Included

  • Pre-Game Warmup (4 tracks - 1h 10m)
  • Post Session Cool Down (3 tracks - 1h)
  • BONUS: Quick Fixes (3 tracks - 1h)
  • User guide and tips


Peak Performance Poker uses a collection of neuro-acoustic audio tracks specifically designed to help you optimize your game. Listen to them before you get down to the felt and to get more focused, less anxious, and be more present in every single moment. 

Warmup Tracks Include: Vaporizing Performance Anxiety,  Creating The Vision, Dialing In, Entering the Arena

Cooldown Tracks Include: Moving Beyond The Results, Relaxation and Repair, Reconnecting with Reality

Bonus Tracks include: TILTProof, Second Wind, and GameBreaker