The Gripsed Poker Champions Program

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The Gripsed Poker Champions Program


Your Complete Training Program for Becoming Poker’s Next Champion.

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What's Included


  1. Free Copy of The Gripsed Starter Pack

  2. Free Copy of Peak Performance Poker

  3. Free Poker Coaching Questionnaire


The Gripsed Poker Champions Bundle includes all my premium webinars with 2x WPT winner Jonathan Little as well as my Best Selling MTT Video Guide. In the various lessons I will teach you how to transform your poker game through non-poker related strategy. I will teach your how to transform your mental game and the habits that will allow you to play at your best every time you sit down to play. And of course, I'll teach you all the key fundamentals of poker strategy that will ensure you make the correct plays pre-flop and post-flop.

If you’re ready to reach your full potential as a poker player and become the champion that you know you are, this is the bundle for you. Take these lessons to heart and I promise you'll feel better in every aspect of your life - both on and away from the poker table. (More Info on Each Program Below)

My WSOP Winning Formula (How to Optimize Your Approach for Live Play)

An inside look at the system I've developed for cashing the Main Event so consistently. Include both on-the-table tactics and off-the-table approaches to ensure peak performance. This is the same system I used which landed me my biggest score ever in February 2016: $162k at the WPT Fallsview Poker Classic.

These are tools and strategies which you can implement immediately, and you will notice the changes and benefits in your life very quickly. Most of the techniques are not complicated, or hard to apply, which is why I really want you to attend this session!

Topics include:

  • The 7 key elements for success in poker & life

  • How to set intentions and improve focus

  • How to boost your motivation, confidence & energy

  • How to create a chip-accumulation action plan & adapt

  • My pre-game, in-game and post-game routines

  • My pre-flop & post-flop strategies & variables that affect them

  • Decision making tactics to protect your tournament life

The MTT Video Strategy Guide (The Complete System for Success in MTTs)

The definitive Gripsed video series that takes you through every step of your tournament game. This 10-part series explores all aspects of tournaments, both live and online. This is the ultimate guide to strengthening your fundamentals. An all-time favorite of Gripsters world-wide.



How you need to be thinking in order to win tournaments. Covering the introduction to mindset advantage and what will be covered throughout the series.



How to approach the early stages of multi-table tournaments. This includes:

  1. Assessing your table and getting reads

  2. Identifying where your chips will come from then attacking

  3. Giving yourself the best chance to stay in contention

  4. Techniques for good profitable gambling versus reckless stack endangerment



How to approach the middle stages of multi-table tournaments. This includes:

  1. Learning how to read and react to the table

  2. Advanced chip accumulation techniques

  3. How and when to change gears

  4. How to play the bubble with various stack sizes



How to approach the late stages of multi-table tournaments. This includes:

  1. Late stage tournament checklist

  2. Transitioning into closing mode

  3. Final table bubble play with various stack sizes

  4. Adjusting to shorthanded play



How to use fold equity and pot equity to give yourself the best chance of turning your short stack into a big stack. Techniques covered includes:

  1. The jam

  2. The re-jam

  3. The stop & go

  4. The coinflip

  5. The cooler



How to use leverage and dynamics to grow your stack without showdown and give yourself the best chance to maneuver to the final table with minimal variance. Techniques covered includes:

  1. The steal

  2. The iso-raise

  3. The re-steal

  4. The squeeze play

  5. The cold 4-bet



How to play the final table - how to size up the final table as short stack, what your game plan should look like, what adjustments to make as a big stack, and how to play for the win versus getting paid. Techniques covered include:

  1. Playing as a short stack

  2. Playing as a big stack

  3. Adjusting to shorthanded play

  4. Heads-up play

  5. Whether you should make a deal



What adjustments to make when playing satellite tournaments. Want to turn $40 into $2.5M like Moneymaker did? This lesson covers adjustments for:

  1. Big field megas with multiple packages

  2. Winner take all

  3. Step SNG satellites



What adjustments to make when playing large field tournaments (1000+). Learn why these tournaments are some of the best potential investments for your bankroll.



An introduction to the world of live poker tournaments. These are the softest tournaments you can find and also the ones with the biggest payouts so it's important to know how to play them properly. Topics covered include:

  1. Preparation: physical, mental and emotional

  2. What to wear and how to size up your competitors

  3. How to act at the table to stay comfortable

  4. Rules to know so you can look like a pro

5 Pillars of Peak Performance Poker (How to Feel Your Best + Play Your Best)

With 5 simple habits, I'll teach you how to play to your peak performance every time you sit at the poker table. Poker is a mental game and everything you do to your mind and body affects your performance at the table.

These 5 simple lifestyle improvements include:

  • Mindset

  • Breathing

  • Diet

  • Movement

  • Rest

Master these and you'll not only feel better in your everyday life, you'll truly play to the best of your abilities with poker.

A Lifechanging Score (How I Put it all Together to Land a 6 Figure Score)

I am going to take you inside what it's like to have a life changing tournament score. From when I chopped the 2016 WPT Fallsview Poker Classic for $162,000. Everything I did to prepare myself for this win: from mastering simple poker fundamentals to preparing myself mentally for peak performance on the table.

I also review the biggest hands from this tournament and the key moments that lead me to the final three of this tournament. Get Ready for an exciting journey, this is what it feels like when Dreams Come True. And after watching this you’ll be one step closer to yours coming true too!


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