Small Edges. BIG PROFIT.

small edges. big profit.
small edges. big profit.

Small Edges. BIG PROFIT.

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8 Small Edges from a +$1 Million Winner that will add up to Big Profit for you too

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Small Edges Add Up to Big Profit

Any winning poker player will tell you it's the little things that make a huge difference  — and, in this best-selling course, a winning poker player does. Poker pro Mike Wasserman has painstakingly designed this series to help you master 8 of the lesser known, but absolutely essential strategies for playing to win. Not only will these tactics plug any leaks in your game, but they’ll reveal the leaks in your opponents. The result? Bigger profits and a better experience at the tables.

Meet Mike

Mike Wasserman has won just about every major tournament online and cashed twice at the WSOP Main Event. He’s the former #1 online player in the world and has $6 million+ in cashes, including $5.8m online and $370k live. In the last decade, he’s played 80,000+ tournaments against some of the best players on the planet  — and he’s also been mentored by top players like pro Calvin Anderson. In this course, Mike reveals the many ways in which savvy players can find an edge in today's poker environment, giving them plays out of his own playbook to drive home the lessons.

Small Edges Add Up to Big Profit is a blueprint for increasing your ROI in every tournament you play without looking at a single hand range chart.

What You Can Expect from Small Edges Add Up to Big Profit

  • Learn how to manipulate situations and structures to squeeze more profit from every hand, tournament or session

  • Learn to boost your ROI without hand range charts or detailed hand analysis

  • Learn how to maximize your mental game for optimal decision-making

  • Learn minute edges in pre-game prep to increase your chances of winning

  • Learn how to get time on your side to make every second count

  • Learn how to bluff on the money bubble

  • Learn how to manipulate stack sizes in end game

  • Learn how to put thoughts into your opponents heads  — Jedi style.

“I won’t be talking about GTO, or how to balance against good players.  I won’t be focusing on street-by-street decisions in a hand. What I will be doing is giving you examples of how to manipulate your surroundings in a more profitable way.  None of this is frowned upon or against the rules. It’s all by the book and far too often, overlooked by the masses.”  — Mike Wasserman

Mind-Blowing Strategies for Game-Changing Wins

In today’s game, you can’t just click buttons.  Everything you do needs to be detailed and well thought-out. In Small Edges Add Up to Big Profit, Mike guides you through the small but mighty edges he’s uncovered in the last 10 years.  It doesn't matter if you apply them to live poker 30 years ago, or online poker today: every single one of these strategies is timeless. Learn how to to make the most from the smallest decisions.  

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