The Poker Master Fundamentals Program


The Poker Master Fundamentals Program

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Alex’s Fundamental Teachings for Mastering Poker Tournaments

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Master Poker in 1 Hour a day

Still one of Alexander "Assassinato" Fitzgerald's best-selling products, Master Poker With One Hour A Day was created to help working adults who didn't have 60+ hours a week to dedicate to poker. 

The video series focuses on specific categories and database analysis that can be used to rapidly find damaging leaks. It also includes step-by-step instructions on how to create "deliberate practice" sessions which have you developing huge gains on the felt. 

Dissecting the Donk bet

There are few bets that frustrate regulars as much as the “donk” bet. For those who do not know, a donk bet is when you call out of position and then lead into the preflop raiser on the flop. It was labeled the donk bet because when poker began, it was a play generally used by novice players .

In this training program you will learn:

How to generate much more profits and limit your losses when playing out of the blinds

How to generate massive value with otherwise vulnerable hands

Learn how to balance your donk leads with strong combinations for massive value

Learn the best times to lead intro a headsup pot vs a multiway pot based on the board texture and your opponent

You Flat Too Much

In today's games, where opening percentages have gone as high as 25% even from UTG, you need to be threebetting more than ever. 

This is even more important considering FOURBETTING PERCENTAGES HAVE GONE DOWN. 

Most of the time, you can confirm a player is opening too much in certain positions, and threebet absurd hands for value, exploiting their inability to fold to threebets.

This is the only webinar I have ever made that became more relevant over time.

Learn how to threebet the right people and handle yourself postflop. 

That’s a Checkraise Fool

Are you sick of people being able to take pots away from you with a simple continuation bet?

No more! With this tried-and-true strategy guide you will be able to checkraise like a pro against any player.

Learn what boards are good to attack and which are not.

Find out what player tendencies are easy to exploit with a checkraise.

Discover what hands work well with a checkraise.

And much much more!