A Life Changing Tournament Score

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A Life Changing Tournament Score


How I applied poker fundamentals and mental game preparation to have a life changing score in the 2016 WPT Fallsview Poker Classic.

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What's Included

  • 5 hour webinar (9 Parts)

  • 30 min Q&A session

  • Download size: 2.7 GB


I am going to take you inside what it's like to have a life changing tournament score. From when I chopped the 2016 WPT Fallsview Poker Classic for $162,000. Everything I did to prepare myself for this win: from mastering simple poker fundamentals to preparing myself mentally for peak performance on the table. Armed with this information you will be optimally prepared to land your life changing score.

I also review the biggest hands from this tournament and the key moments that lead me to the final three of this tournament. 

This webinar was hosted with the 2x WPT winner Jonathan Little who provides his own expert insight into my tournament analysis.

Part 1

  • My story, early years, bad decisions, and how I made my dreams come true

  • The importance of having mentors, to shorten your learning curve

  • The power game selection and how to find your sweet spot

  • How to build momentum and turn small wins into big wins

Part 2

  • Why Live Events induce Fight of Flight Response and how to overcome it

  • Pre tournament mindset and methodology from a WSOP Champion

  • Understanding the Left Brain vs the Right Brain

  • Early stage strategy for day 1 of live MTTs

  • Key Hands from levels 1-5

  • My #1 Secret weapon

Part 3

  • How to identify the best levels for playing loose

  • My #2 Secret weapon: The Dinner Break Routine

  • The 5 Biggest benefits of my dinner break routine

  • How to calm your mind for a good night’s sleep

  • My Post Game Routine, the perfect Cool-down

  • Key hands from level 6-10

Part 4

  • How to adjust your strategy when a tough pro joins your table

  • How to not be emotionally affected by negative events

  • How to Approach the Bubble in a live event

  • How to play the game 'Above the rail'

  • How to adjust once in the money

  • Key hands level 11-15

Part 5

  • How to keep your calm when completely card dead

  • Short stack play and the importance of patience

  • When to incorporate LEADING into your game

  • The power of prayer and intention setting

  • Key hands from level 16-20

Part 6

  • Swapping in poker tournaments: when, why and with who

  • Switching from chip accumulation mode to closing mode

  • My Biggest Bluff of the tournament, how I pulled it off

  • Key Hands level 21-25

Part 7

  • How I got into the right state for the biggest moment of my life

  • Why sweating final tables pays dividends

  • Making a game plan for the Final Table

  • Key hands from the final table

  • How I kept my cool with rising money pressure

  • How I used the final break to boost my odds of winning

Part 8

  • Key hands from shorthanded play

  • Deal Making ICM vs Chip Chop

  • Additional factors to consider

Part 9

  • My secrets for success: Feel your Best, Play your Best

  • 2 Bonus Videos for creating a Championship Mindset

  • How to turn your dreams into reality

  • How I celebrated my victory

  • Question and Answer Session