You Flat Too Much


You Flat Too Much


An in-depth look at what, when, and why to 3-bet instead of calling.

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What’s Included

  • 4 Hour Video Training Program

About This Training Program

If someone opens UTG and you have 44 big blinds effective on the cutoff with A-10o, what do you do?

If you answered fold, then you are losing a ton of value. 

In today's games, where opening percentages have gone as high as 25% even from UTG, you need to be threebetting more than ever. 

This is even more important considering FOURBETTING PERCENTAGES HAVE GONE DOWN. 

Most of the time, you can confirm a player is opening too much in certain positions, and threebet absurd hands for value, exploiting their inability to fold to threebets.

This is the only webinar I have ever made that became more relevant over time.

Learn how to threebet the right people and handle yourself postflop.