The Best Home Games On Twitch

When and where can you find the best Home Games for you? There's lots of options to consider like prize pools, day of week, size, whether it's live streamed and more. In this article, I'll help guide you through the selection process.

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Jonathan Little's Homegame League (US Friendly). Jonathan has weekly prizes for each game, plus it’s a league that boasts a solid spread of perks. 1st place in the league is over $2,000, and he gives the winner of each weekly tournament a coupon for $100 off any training products as well as a copy of his book, The Main Event with Jonathan Little. The players who come in 2nd and 3rd get coupons for $50 and $20, respectively.

You can also rack up points in the league to win sweet, sweet perks like entry onto a $1,000 WSOP event or EPT equivalent (with $500 for expenses thrown in for good measure), coupons for training products, coaching sessions with Jonathan and other pros as well as valuable poker strategy books.

The times of Jonathan’s games can fluctuate from month to month, but they generally start around the 4pm ET mark. Just keep checking his website for updates. 


Evan 'Gripsed' Jarvis' Free Money Friday. Start your weekend right with Team Grisped! Every Friday you can pull up a chair and get down to the felt in our PokerStars Home Games club and in private tourneys on top-notch sites like 888Poker, Carbon Poker and America's Cardroom. I’m talking exclusive access to 100 small buy-in tourneys and $1,000 in added every week that make for payouts with incredible value.

The action starts every Friday at 4:30pm ET (20:30 GMT), and the pay off will pad your bankroll big time.


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Jason 'jcarverpoker' Sommerville's Lucky Dollar. Jason sweetens the pot by adding cash to the top 3 spots, sometimes more depending on how many entrants are in the event. He also pays a bounty to the player who eliminates him. Fun stuff, right? (The winning amount is paid via PokerStars transfer.)

Jason's game usually starts around 3pm EST, but it can swing 1 or even 2 hours either way, so if you really want to make sure you don't miss the game, then just be on Twitch watching the stream so you can hear the announcement.

Saturday Bonus

Gripsed's Free Money Friday REMIX. When you've busted Jason's Lucky Dollar, don't fret - Gripsed has his own Lucky Dollar on Partypoker with $100 added to the prize pool and a slew of other events, including the Saturday Special on Carbon Poker (which is US friendly, and has a whopping $500 added to the prize pool). Pretty sweet for a $5 rebuy! For full details on events check out here.

On Demand

Some streamers are offering home games on demand.  Jason Sommerville was the pioneer on this front and the fans have really taken a liking to it. Jaime ‘PokerStaples’ Staples also offers home games on demand to replace his former Thursday Evening Chili Cup Series. To get involved in home games on demand, tune in to Twitch Poker.

So, is there a best option?

As much as we love the game, many of us won’t be able to make it to every game. If you’re running tight on time and want to get the most bang for your buck, then Gripsed's Home Games are by far the best option (yes, we're biased). On top of our PokerStars games, Gripsed adds over $1,500 every week to the 'must play' events.

Oh, and where else can you win a piece of a top player's WSOP Main Event as part of extra promo? That's what I thought! 

Simply put, while all the Twitch home games I’ve mentioned are solid, Gripsed is the nuts. There’s no better way to build your bankroll, get feedback on your play, and make new friends who share a common interest (i.e. love for the game of poker) than pulling up a chair with the fine people at Gripsed. Here you can hang out with your favorite internet personalities and score free money and free giveaways.

I'll see you next weekend! Til then, get stackin’!

Photo Credit: Yannick Croissant | Flickr