BenCB's Tournament Masterclass REVIEW - Is the Raise Your Edge Masterclass Worth it?

Raise Your Edge Masterclass — Is this Poker Tournament Masterclass Really Worth It?

If you've been looking for a poker tournament masterclass that'll turn you into an MTT crusher, then look no further than BenCB’s, Raise Your Edge Tournament Masterclass. It's the most comprehensive poker tournament masterclass on the market, and that's not going to change anytime soon. Ask around your poker community, and you'll find the serious players that are just killing it all have one thing in common: Raise Your Edge Masterclass. (Use code ALLINEXP to save $150 when you invest in it too!)


 Well, the German's have an old saying, "There's the German way and the wrong way." BenCB's program is a structured course that builds on itself, is continuously improving (via updates) and to help you integrate what you've learned in the course lessons there's even homework.

This program is the right way and is designed to turn you into an absolute crusher. 

Who is BenCB, Mastermind Behind Raise Your Edge?

To the online poker community, bencb789 is a huge name in poker. He excels at both online tournaments and Sit & Go poker. He's won both SCOOP and WCOOP events for huge paydays. In 2016 BenCB appeared in a super high-roller tournament for the first time and from 2013-2015 was consecutively ranked in the top 10 on the Sharkscope Sit & Go Leaderboards. 

Off the felt, BenCB has turned his focus to tournament and Sit & Go coaching. Patrick Leonhard had this to say about Ben: "BenCB is undoubtedly one of the best players in the world, but in my opinion he excels even further in terms of coaching and is likely the best tournament poker coach in the world…"

Why Raise Your Edge Tournament Masterclass Is The Nuts

Let's get into why BenCB's Raise Your Edge poker tournament masterclass is one of the best investments to improving your game by breaking it down. You'll see why it's unlike any other system available and if you're serious about raising your game why you need this system working for you.


There are two poker tournament masterclass programs available. The Apprentice Class and Expert Class. You get all the basics in the Apprentice Class:

  • Preflop Theory & Ranges

  • GTO Theory & Exploitive Play

  • State of the Art Postflop Strategies

  • Mastering 3-Bet Pots

  • Postflop Shortstack Course

  • Over 20+ Hours of Content

For $739

However, with the Expert Class, you get ALL THAT and DOUBLE the content for less than half the price. If you're going to invest, go all in, and leap on the full course. Two other things to consider: you can upgrade from Apprentice to Expert at any time and all future upgrades are included in the price. 

Some additional features in Expert Class:

  • Advanced ICM Preflop Shortstack Theory

  • Re-steals & Calling them

  • Perfect Push & Call as Shortstack

  • State of the Art ICM Postflop

  • An Additional 7 Hours of Expert Video Content

  • *NEW* Heads Up Module

  • *UPDATED* Postflop Multiway

  • ...and Access to VIP Community, Discord 

For $1294

Yes, either poker tournament masterclass is a significant investment but, BenCB offers you a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied. Learn more at Raise Your Edge.

The Nuts & Bolts 

Let's take a look behind the scenes, and take a sneak peek into the member's area of Raise Your Edge Masterclass. (Don’t tell anyone how you got back here, it’s a highly confidential area!)


Some of what sets Raise Your Edge apart from its competition is the format. 

  • Every video starts with typical mistakes players make. By focusing on mistakes first, this allows you to retain the info better because humans pay closer attention to what they do wrong over what they do right. It's a survival mechanism that gives you the chance to catch standard mistakes before you make them and how to capitalize on the mistakes your opponents make. 

  • The information is clear, concise and straight to the point with bullet-point format.

  • Each video has a, test your skills section (homework) to see how well you're doing.

  • Most importantly, there are lots of hand examples to make things stick better. Hand history analysis on specific topics is the fastest way to learn poker. 


There is so much insane information available in Raise Your Edge; it's mind-blowing. Here are some of the topic's BenCB covers in his stellar poker tournament masterclass

  • Hand Ranges for all situations: This is dense, technical stuff, but all you need to do is understand the general theory behind ranges. You don't need to memorize exact ranges, that'll come with time and practice.

  • Preflop: You'll find everything from perfect open range theory, example hands, betting (3-bets, flat) and how to play when you're up against a 3-bet, squeezing, reshoving to playing multiway situations versus late position openers.

  • Postflop: You'll want to take notes because this is packed with quality information, and the videos are 1-2 hours long. You'll learn positional play as the cold caller, in/out position as the preflop aggressor, multiway, heads-up, multiway hand review and example hands.

  • Shortstack: Pushing and calling expert strategy from a sit n go dominator.

  • ICM Play: They break down this confusing program into a way that makes sense. For preflop and postflop play; he also provides a tool so you can learn it yourself, the “ICM Explorer”.

  • Heads-Up: Preflop heads-up with loads of hand history reviews.

  • Bonus: This section is huge, with things like The Unchained Mind that provides you with fighting tips on the mental game of poker. Previews of other courses like Bounty Beast and The GTO Bible that gives you theory behind perfectly balanced play, why it’s so effective, and how to use advanced tools like cardrunners EV and PioSolver to crack the poker code.


One of the big features of the Raise Your Edge program is it's extensive Range Hand Analyzer. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and who wouldn't want to follow the lead of BenCBs? The guy is the ultimate MTT crusher. If you follow these ranges, it's difficult to fail because you're playing perfect ranges. 


The Range Hand Analyzer is a color-coded tool that doesn't just tell you what hands to open, as normal range charts do, but tells you what to do after you've opened - do you call a 3-bet? It breaks it down in terms of hand combinations. This will help you structure your ranges for later on, and tells you what bet-size to use based on your position and action ahead of you. And that's just open raising. It also introduces you to mixed strategy. Ranges also touch on these other areas:

  • Push Ranges: Based on skill level (beginner or regular) that tells you what are clear pushes or on the edge.

  • Flatting & 3-Betting: Every position has a chart, no matter the situation, so you'll always know what to open and what to 3-bet.

  • Squeezing: Updated daily this addresses what to do as a big blind versus a limp. It also covers multiway play: what to raise, call, etc. 

The Discord Community

When you sign up for the Expert Masterclass you gain entry into the Discord Community. Since Raise Your Edge's inception it's grown to over 10,000 members strong. Unlike a lot of other systems with sleepy communities found only on Facebook, the Discord Community is very active. There's tons of dialogue covering run support, Q&A, cash games, mixed games, life improvements and off-topic as well. Since everyone has invested a lot of money into this poker training system, these people are committed and take things seriously, so you won't find a lot of whining or complaining. Instead, you're more likely to find like-minded people you can do some 1-on-1 studying with, and since you've been through the same curriculum, it'll accelerate your growth as a player.

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You Need The Raise Your Edge Tournament Masterclass 

You need to get this poker tournament masterclass by BenCB if you want to grow your game. The information you gain is invaluable because it's presented the right way, no muss, no fuss, just everything you need to crush the tournament circuit.