7 YouTubers Who Changed My Life

Before I delve into the most influential internet celebrities in my life, I want to first thank the guy who really started it all: Eric Thomas. Eric, not only was this article inspired by you, but so was I. There is no way I’d be where and who I am today without you as my online inspiration and motivator since December 2012. You’re the reason I found my WHY.

If you’ve been watching my videos, you’re probably familiar with Eric, but what you definitely don’t know is that he’s the reason Project Get Me Stackin’ had so much fire behind it.
Before recording every episode of Project Get Me Stackin’ (after I’d made my slides and prepared my thoughts), I would watch an episode of ‘Thank God It’s Monday’ by Eric Thomas. I’d hone in on his energy and passion so that I could deliver the same level of enthusiasm in my Game Changing Series.

If it weren’t for Eric, every episode of my project would’ve probably sounded ...a lot more… like ...this ...blah. It would have been the same old dry poker training videos that I’d grown accustomed to watching.

Eric has been here since the beginning, changing the game and shaping your viewing experience. Give that man some props! OK, now that you’ve had your daily hit of bro’mance, let’s move on.

7 Internet Celebrities Who Changed My Life

Elliot Hulse
I was lucky enough to find Elliot Hulse through a YouTube recommendation. Elliot showed me what an individual with a great idea is capable of, and just how big things can grow in a very short time when we do the right things. And Elliot wasn’t shy about sharing what exactly those things were.

Elliot taught me how to be the strongest version of myself with his StrengthCamp channel; how to use my body more effectively, to improve my posture, better my breathing, and ultimately strengthen my mind and biology as a consequence.

He also greatly helped me progress on my spiritual path, and get through tough experiences and memories that were blocking me from developing further. I must have watched over 100 videos on his Elliot Said channel, and learned a ton.

Todd Jason, Ken Wilber + The People at SuperHuman OS

The superhuman operating system was recommended to me by Tony Robbins, and it was the first time I ever made a hefty investment in myself, and in an audio program.

The program was 12 weeks long, and cost $500, which may seem like a lot, but the download I got from this program reminded me of everything I needed to be doing, and who I needed to be doing them with to reach my full potential.

My favorite thing they enforced was that the system was psychoactive, and that just from listening through the program once, even if I didn’t do any of the exercises, my subconscious would then know what to do (and that’s the guy who’s really running the show upstairs).

The Superhuman OS also provided me with tools to ease the integration of these habits into my being, and it also introduced me to someone who would later become one of my key mentors.

Eben Pagan (my business mentor)

Eben Pagan has taught me an immense amount about the key areas in life. His programs definitely weren’t cheap, but after investing in the SuperHuman OS and giving myself the message, that YES, I AM WORTH INVESTING IN, and following that up with a massive return on my investment. I felt very good about taking a chance on another teacher.

Eben Pagan has taught me how to increase my productivity and work efficiency on a daily basis.

He’s educated me on techniques for ‘Clear Communication’, so that my message actually gets across, and he’s given me the secrets for ‘Creating Wealth’. All this has led to an increase in confidence, a huge increase in self esteem, and most importantly a massive increase in my ability to deliver you high quality content that gets you the results that you want!

The real key for me with both of these programs (with Eben and SuperHuman et al.) was telling myself through my actions that it was OK to invest in more than just my poker education.

In the past the only things I was willing to spend money on were poker training, travel and fun - and these are 3 key areas, but they left me underdeveloped in some even more important areas - areas which when improved naturally led to a boost to my poker skill and energy levels. And THIS leads to more travel opportunities and more fun.

Paul Chek + Everyone from the CHEK Institute

Paul Chek is just ...incredible! There’s too much to say about him in a short article like this, but when it comes to fitness, nutrition, spiritual development, the blend of eastern and western approaches and philosophies, living a life of abundance and balance, Paul Chek has it down pat.

Ever since Elliot introduced me to Paul Chek through one of his videos, I’ve been consuming a steady diet of a video blog a week, and really stepping up my understanding of how we human beings work.

Elliot told me that one of his keys to success was studying everything Paul Chek had created, so I went ahead and followed that same path, because Elliot has created the results with Strength Camp that I would love to replicate with Gripsed.

I’ve taken my CHEK Holistic Life Coach Training level 1, and experienced the CHEK community, and I look forward to taking my Level 2 and hopefully my Level 3 so that I can meet the Jedi himself, in real life.

Thanks to Paul Chek, I now know how to eat, move, and be healthy!
Tyler Durden + the Homies from Real Social Dynamics 

This was a team of guys that I didn’t think I was going to be interested in at first.

They come from the pick-up community, and I’ve never been interested in learning how to be a pickup artist, but what I realized after watching Tyler’s Program, was that he wasn’t teaching tricks to manipulate women, or con them into the bedroom.

No - Tyler was looking much deeper into human psychology, the tribe mentality, and his focus was in helping his students become the best people they could be, so that women would naturally be attracted to them.

Obvious stuff right? Wrong!

Tyler, or Owen in the real world, is also really good about sharing what’s going on in his life through his monthly video blogs.

Thanks to him I’ve learned a lot of lessons on how to run a business and community geared towards self improvement.

He’s shared a lot of the mistakes he made, and teachings he received, and therefore he saved me a lot of time and a lot of money, by breaking down the information for me, in easy to understand 30-40 minute videos.

The common theme between all my teachers, and one of the reasons I think I stuck with them so long, is that they all follow the same methodology - Give out at least 10x the value, that you intend to charge for your work. In a lot of cases the videos they gave me out for free, and they only thing I had to invest was my time. But the quality of their content was always so high, that I had no issues with buying their premium material, because I know I would get a massive return on investment. And based on how things have progressed since Gripsed started, I think that return is investment is pretty easy to see + quantify.

Which brings me to my last great internet teachers (so far), who you definitely need to know if you’re watching this video. Because these guys also specialize in POKER!
James ‘Splitsuit’ SweeneyDoug  Hull + The Teachers at Red Chip Poker

James has been making high quality videos and coaching for as long as I have, and he’s always making moves to improve his delivery.

When I’m unsure of what the answer is for a Project Get Me Stackin video, Splitsuit’s videos are often my go to reference.

Split also helped me in a coaching call this January to realize my actual worth, bolster my self esteem, and focus on my niche in the poker training world. In fact, the reason I got a booth this summer at the WSOP was largely thanks to Red Chip putting the idea into my mind, and that’s why when he invited me to join his team at redchippoker.com. The decision, of course, was a snap - YES.

In working at Red Chip Poker, I’ll also get to work alongside one of the smartest math minds I’ve met in my life, Doug Hull.

On top of being a mathematical genius, Doug is just an all around good guy. He picked me up at the Vegas airport this summer when nobody else was available, came by to kick it at the booth and help us sell books on a regular basis, and even gave me a place to store my stuff when my suitcases were too full.

I’m really excited to now be working alongside a team of instructors, and not simply as an individual trying to carry the entire weight of the Gripsed Poker Training project on my shoulders alone.

So if you’re looking for content that’s outside my usual scope of education, definitely check out redchippoker.com. It’s a site that I’m sure is destined to become the gold standard in poker education.

There you have it!

That wraps up the list of Internet Celebrities Who Changed My Life, and I want to take this opportunity to send out massive thanks to them all.

I’d also like to thank YouTube and everyone else who led me to find these mentors, and friends.

Now, the actions on you, folks.

Let me know which YouTube personalities have had the biggest impact on your life and why.

What did they teach you about, and what’s their style of teaching?

Maybe I’ll find a new teacher. Maybe someone else on the team who was looking for help in a specific area but didn’t know where to find it might get the help they need!

And after you do that, please find Eric Thomas and give him props. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, wait outside his front door if you need to, but please pass along the message of thanks because if it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be the team that we are today with such a bright and bountiful future on the horizon.

And as my gift to you for being a proud supporter of the Gripsed Poker Training Project, I would like to share with you the greatest motivational videos of all time. This way, next time you’ve got a dose of the doubts or the downers, you’ll have the antidote you need to continue to succeed!